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sell - do enterprise; give available as for one particular's livelihood; "She deals in gold"; "The brothers sell shoes"

The survivors of the aircraft crash are forced to work alongside one another so as to survive on the seemingly deserted tropical island.

vb: pret, ptp vt merchandise, goods → verkaufen (sb sth, sth to sb jdm etw, etw an jdn); coverage policy → abschließen (to mit); (business) products → verkaufen, absetzen; I was marketed this in Valencia → male hat mir das in Valencia verkauft; the ebook marketed 3,000 copies → von dem Buch wurden 3.000 Exemplare verkauft; he could sell a fridge to an Eskimo → er könnte einem Eskimo einen Eisschrank andrehen (inf) → or aufschwatzen (inf); to sell insurance plan (for any living) → Versicherungsvertreter(in) m(file) → sein; to sell just one’s lifestyle dearly → sein Leben teuer verkaufen; he offered himself to your enemy → er hat sich an den Feind verkauft; to sell a person’s system → seinen Körper verkaufen; to sell a person’s soul to anyone/a thing → jdm/einer Sache seine Seele verschreiben; modern day guy has sold his soul → der moderne Mensch hat seine Seele verloren; what are you selling it for?

(inf: = convince of the value of) to sell any person on some thing → jdn von etw überzeugen; being bought on someone/some thing → von jdm/etw begeistert sein; how bought is he on The theory? → wie sehr hat es ihm diese Idee angetan? (inf)

We want to make deciding on a resort in Green Bay as easy as feasible! To get going, just decide on one or more of The placement groups Along with the accommodation…

2. to get all sold. The next-hand documents sold out in just minutes of the sale starting up. uitverkoop يُباع свършвам esgotar vyprodat se ausverkauft sein blive udsolgt πουλιέμαι μέχρι τέλους agotar (müügilt) otsa lõppema همه به فروش رسيدن olla loppuunmyyty être épuisé לִמכּוֹר אֶת כָּל הַמלָאִי समूचा बिक जाना biti rasprodan mindent elad semua klárast esaurirsi 売り切れる 매진되다 būti išparduotam tikt pilnībā izpārdotam habis terjual uitverkocht zijn bli utsolgt تول خرڅول esgotar a fi epuizat/ vândut быть распроданным vypredať sa biti razprodan rasprodati se sälja ut (slut på) ขายหมด hepsi satılmak 銷售一空 розійтися تمام فروخت ہو جانا được bán hết 卖光

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trade - be traded at a particular value or beneath sure situations; "The stock traded all around $twenty a share"

sell quick - sell securities or commodities or overseas currency that is not essentially owned with the seller, who hopes to deal with (obtain back again) the offered things in a lower cost and therefore to make a revenue

The Packers are in a very win-acquire problem by both adding a cornerback they want and thieving from a rival or earning the Bears shell out a better income.

The crew works to save lots of an individual close to a central character's heart. The official source important thing is inside House's head, but he is in a bad way himself.

You will need to watch this present! fourteen December 2004

House, Regardless that cranky and unlovable, is a sweet guy at heart. He's the kind of guy you desire curing you. However he not often visits his clients, no less than he doesn't sugar coat points in your case.

And, Incidentally, We've got a whole team focused on defend you and each product you sell. This will make eBay a secure and protected destination to sell your stuff.

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